Shipping and Exhibitor Manual

For Shipping, drayage, and material handling information, visit:

pdf Exhibitor Manual (click to access the Exhibitor Manual which also contains shipping information and freight labels).

GES Exposition Services has been selected as the official service contractor for the Minnesota Education Job Fair. GES’s Customer Service Representative for our event is Ashley Roscher. She can be reached at 763.488.5345 or by email at to answer questions about material handling and freight.

Shipping Materials Prior to the Fair

Any carrier can be used to ship materials prior to the fair. Freight labels, as well as the GES Logistics Shipping Order Form can be found in the Exhibitor Manual listed above.

  • It is highly recommended that advance shipments be directed to the GES warehouse.
  • Advance shipments will be accepted at the GES warehouse up to 30 days prior to the fair.
  • Direct shipments to the Convention Center will be accepted ONLY on Monday, April 23, during exhibitor move-in hours. Direct shipments to the Convention Center are strongly discouraged.
  • Advance shipments must be sent pre-paid; collect shipments will be refused.
  • Advance shipments will be delivered to your exhibit booth prior to the start of the fair.
  • Material handling rates and more detailed information about shipping and material handling are located on the link above.
  • The Estimated Material Handling Order Form and the Payment & Credit Card Charge Authorization must be completed and faxed to GES at the time you ship your display.

Shipping Materials After the Fair

A GES Service Representative will be available during the fair to facilitate shipment of materials back to your organization.

  • An Outbound Bill of Lading must be completed and turned in at the GES Service Desk for all outbound shipments.  Do not leave the bill of lading in your booth.
  • A credit card is required for all shipping services; a form will be available at the GES Service Desk.